Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bralalalala's Response to Spider Man Art Director Hate Site Part 3

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             Current Sony film director David Klassen and girlfriend accomplice in the sexual assault crime on Bralalalala, Landa,  have, after the fact, created the hate website in an attempt to distribute irrelevant, misinformation about her, a sexual assault victim, to divert from Klassen's personal misconduct. Among the sites many misgivings is the attack on Bralalalala for being a "whore." Additionally, although the site goes out of its way to claim it is not attempting to disparage transgender women on the whole, only Bralalalala, indications are quite to the contrary.
             Bralalalala, as was noted in part two of this written response is indeed a professional musician, in the sense of skill, as according to the fan evidence displayed there. However, Bralalalala is more (or "less," depending how one slices this additional information) than that. She is transgender. Maybe the subliminal sense of Bra's musical prowess has caused Landa and Klassen to misstate her as not really transgender, "or even transvestite," as a worthy folk might, though probably not in their case. It's not quite clear what this means precisely to these strange people specifically. However,  it appears to have more likely to be due to the site's assessment, "Bralalalala thinks like a man." Standing up for ones' self when bullied may be consdiered a male trait to these odd ilk. Perhaps this was true in a less modern era, or at least perceived to be true. So, apparently, Bra is not really a woman because she stands up for herself when attacked. How sad is that to think!
       So, they go on to call her a "he," throughout the site. A word of note on calling full time trans women "he:" this is problematic because the English dictionary definitions of he and she, combined with those of transvestite, transsexual or transgender, appearing there, which brings many pronoun conflict issues up. In practical terms, Bralalalala (and other trans) is called a "she" by a large majority of absolute strangers in public due to her appearing as such to most people. Once again, the pronoun is not merely genital based. It does indeed have social connotations. Furthermore, whatever a person is expected to be called, "she" or "he" or Bralalalala for that matter,  it is only courteous to respect the wishes of another. It certainly hurts no truth to be polite. There are a lot of very butch lesbians who prefer to be called women. I honestly think they look and act like men often times, probably becuase they feel it is natural to them. However, if they wish to nevertheless be called women, that is their choice and should be respected, whether in conflict with my impression of it in the social use of the pronoun or not. Maybe at some point there will be a dictionary update on the he/she addressment. Who knows. I do know, if it has only to do with genitals, well that seems a bit crude to call that out verbatim all day. So, again, one assumes the pronouns have deeper meanings than that.  There are obvious endless practical reasons, if not safety reasons, not to mix trans women with men in bathing areas, publicly sex specific scenarios, gyms, jails and so on as well, no different than many of the issues genetic women would face in the same place.
        Brala is also alleged non transgender because, Bra "dresses in drag" (no that is a term for gay men on the weekends making fun in a wholly different mentality than a transwoman) only "sometimes." No, Bra never really dresses in "drag" at all because she is a transgender woman, not a man identified man dressing up in private or for a party like halloween or freaky Friday. For the record, legally, all types of trans related people fall under the umbrella term "transgender." That includes cross dressers, transvestites, drag queens, and transsexuals. Bralalalala is also never dressing as a man as alleged. Bra dresses more fem more regularly than most post op transsexuals! Bra could technically be called a transvestite cross dresser or transexual. Most call Bra a transsexual because she lives 24/7 as trans. However, some outsiders (usually not actual TS) will call her a CD or TV because she does not have a boob job or even take hormones. The reason she generally isn't called these, is because CD/TV is usually a term for those who appear as men sometimes in real life and usually depend on that manhood for their vocation. Technically these terms indicate one thing but socially another. So, Bra, being oh so unique, sort of fits nowhere but also everywhere. Once it was denied Bralalalala is transgender is was an easy segway to say she is not really discriminated against in employment as well, and therefore a scammer. Again, this is practically, socially speaking just plain dumb to say. Yes, ignorance is the word for this.
             Yet because Bra is unique individually not some mere sheep of an often alleged community called transgender, (hey all, thanks for adding the T to LGBT a couple decades ago..still trying to figure out when it kicks in for real) was then easy to revert back to the idea she does indeed "dress" sometimes, and whether they'd call it trans or not, they would call Bra a "whore," at the very least!
Again, when does dressing as a lady make one a "whore?" Is this what sexual assaulters think? Wait..
I know, she is a whore because she wears various outfits and even showed her ass in a photo? What about Madonna, Britney Gaga and all the rest of those? Do they get called whore too? I want equal protection! Oh yes, I forgot Bralalalala is allegedly not a musician because she dresses or undresses this way, and of course, can't sing!!
              Finally the most important topic to be addressed here is the following: Bralalalala thinks "selling one self on the internet as a whore" as alleged is gross, disgusting and totally not of Bra'a class and element. Has Bra been forced out of her element? That appears not readily the case since Landa and Klassen are digging at straws after much effort posting a text only vague website page talking about wearing clothes and of someone unidentified! Are a large percentage of transwomen living full time as such forced out of their element? Probably so! Does that make them victims or does that make them scammers looking for a free tranny ride? Where are the xxx videos of Bra? Does she have any like Paris Hilton? You'd think if she were selling herself on the internet, she'd have a few by now! Honestly, Bralalalala is not anyone's judge, but in speaking for herself, Bra prefers to date only those she has chosen to date. Bra would also like to date a few people she can't seem to even find at the moment. So, when bored, maybe a lesser date is in order. However, does that all mean that Bralalalala would respond to Landa's "strictly platonic," web posting so she could go over to her home to whore. NO! NO! NO! Further, Klassen is on record saying nothing occurred as well. Nothing consensual occurred!! Oh well..truth shall prevail..